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For gardeners and crafters of all ages.

The Best GardenTool for making paper pots.

Patented in Canada and USA




Prince Edward Island, Canada

Tom checking out our miniature display.


Summer Days Parade in Montague the Beautiful, PEI

Carla, Judy and Kathy




About Us

Our home grown grass roots family is blossoming into a vibrant flourishing community spring garden!

Our company started with one person and a simple idea. Rhondalynn Clements (of  Montague, PEI, Canada) was seeking a solution involving using what was on hand to plant seeds for her garden while her children were sleeping. That was April 9, 1998. 

The N.ViroPotter tool and folding techique that she created became the foundation of a community building, entrepreneurial business model, beginning in 1999.  Besides becoming an incorporated company in 2004, local people of all ages, have been and still are, involved in the process of developing, producing and marketing our product.  Both the Canadian and American patents were secured to give us time to produce the N.ViroPotter locally.  We've been so successful with this that now, in 2015, even the hardwood we use comes from Prince Edward Island, Canada.  Our product was not only invented here, but also the branding is local and the packaging is local and  Our product is manufactured locally in Dundas, PEI, Canada. 

Now, in 2018, with the growing awareness of the need to protect our food sources and our seeds, and to ensure our own safe food, people are once again gardening.  As they say "Grow Gardens not Lawns".  Starting seeds indoors using homemade biodegradeable newspaper pots makes sense.  Our homegrown paper pot making tool, the N.ViroPotter, works well for gardeners everywhere.


Happy Potting to one and all!